Lunchtime event - 25 May, St Olave’s church in London

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Lunchtime event - 25 May, St Olave's church in London
Free evening entrance to the Tower of London

If you're are in London on that day, the annual Pepys Memorial
Lecture will be held in St Olave's church at 12.00 and will last for
about an hour. Afterwards, if anyone is interested we could have a
look around the locality (Seething Lane, Crutched Friars, Mark Lane
etc) and then have an orange juice at the Pepys bar in the Novotel
hotel nearby.

And if anyone has the afternoon free, people could copy Pepys and
take a boat trip from the Tower of London down to Greenwich (takes
about 20 minutes). For non-Brits, riverside Greenwich is a
designated World Heritage Site and among other things has the
National Maritime Museum containing the original paintings of Pepys,
Will Hewer, etc.

There's nothing for anyone to do at present apart from making a note
in your Diaries EXCEPT that if you are still around in the evening
you can and should apply NOW to get free access to the Tower of
London for the "Ceremony of the Keys" (9.30 to 10.15 pm). It's a
very atmospheric occasion on a dark November night, I'm not sure
what it's like in daylight in May, but it's something that any
Londoner or visitor to London should try whenever they have the
opportunity to do so - Eric Walla has done it so could probably
advise about what happens.

You can ONLY apply for tickets through this official website: